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Diggin myself. Dig yourselves too.

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Some cool artists today

Check out




Great Vibes and Talent

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Kinda Racist? Try Diet Racism!
“Diet Racism: because you just don’t get it!”

I’m crying.

jnc-ink raresenses evolvingessence

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Deep, cleansing breaths. *inhale, exhale*

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  • 2pathsdivergedI think it may be easier for me to give YOU her email and message her? I don't have a relationship with her, and I don't know much about what you're trying to do, so I couldn't ask her to go out of her way and email you-- but when we go to class on Wednesday I will ask if I can give you her email (and also ask her for her email address!)
  • Sounds perfect. I think that’s better too. Thank you again. 

    (oops. Didn’t mean to answer publicly lol) 

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Needful to wake, to forget arrows
Goddesses who hunt
Thigh lines brown and sun drenched
Shake myself
Fire living, slow quench alive, fractured chisel
Repetition of phrase
“I do not” and fill
It will go
It will leave
I will wake—it will leave

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We are forced to hide so much of ourselves, from people we encounter two seconds out of everyday, from people who decide who we are and what we can do. Some of you, you have an idea of yourself and you don’t follow it. You kill it before it hatches. Who taught you this? Where did you learn it from? You live your life and spread the same idea that people hold over you, that it’s impossible, that people don’t change, when change is the only thing you can guarantee. You spread the same idea that was spread over you, and when you see someone who rejects it and who listens to that clean sound within themselves you become angry and start biting. Such a waste of yourself, of who you can be. I was this way. I was nothing. I had mental breakdowns. I was everything worthless. And it was a combination of reasons. Like everyone, a mixture of abuse from others and my own choices. It wasn’t until I had enough of myself and I formed a vision of who I wanted to be that life changed. Not until then. So I don’t blow smoke. I’m my own experiment. It really is possible. It’s hard as fuck. It takes a long ass time. You get tired as shit. But it is possible. Have that idea about yourself at least. I’m not some brother or uncle or mentor or whatever. I’m a dude kicking up out of muck saying to you, it’s possible.

Dig Yourself
Do Epic Shit (via howitzerliterarysociety)
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